Improve your setup and experience the next generation of putters - featuring Fred Daly Golf's unique Patented Bi-Concave™ Profile and Repeatable Anchor System™, providing the ultimate consistent and confident setup, enhanced weight distribution, increased MOI, an enlarged 'sweet spot' and most importantly, improved feel - all of which ultimately results in a smooth and steady putting stroke and more confidence on the greens…

Designed by former Professional Robin Daly, son of Irish golfing legend and Open Champion Fred Daly, the putters are CNC finished with a standard loft of 3 degrees and 72 degree lie, and varies in headweight between 360g and 375g. 

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Fred Daly Golf Peanut Putter Range
Fred Daly Golf Peanut Putter Pro Blade


Re-engineered from the original Precision 7, the Pro Blade incorporates Robin Daly's innovation into a very traditional head format.

£129 / $199

Fred Daly Golf Peanut Putter Profile


The Profile features several additional features from the original Precision 5 designed to enhance alignment and stability throughout the stroke.

£129 / $199

Fred Daly Golf Peanut Putter Contour


A modern re-design of the Precision 3, the Contour is a mid mallet centre shafted putter. Fully face balanced, it features a sweeping, contoured back that ensures perfect toe heel weight distribution that offers maximum forgiveness and control.

£129 / $199

Fred Daly Golf Peanut Putter Legend


Originally developed for our Tour players the Legend is now available to the public. Despite a very familiar looking head the Legend incorporates all Fred Daly Golf unique design features.

£129 / $199 

Fred Daly Golf Peanut Putter Funnel



Our first full mallet, the Funnel lives up to its name with a well defined alignment profile enhancing setup built into a compact and well balanced head, ensuring you drain your putts!


£129 / $199